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This is the Notakey documentation hub. Here you will find links to user manuals, general purpose configuration guides, as well as specific how-tos.

Product Documentation

Administration Dashboard overview

Administration Dashboard overview

Information about the Notakey Authentication Server Administration Dashboard.

Version: 5.0.6
Knowledge Base

Knowledge base

Various deployment information, FAQ, announcements.

FAQ Announcements
Authentication Appliance

Authentication Appliance

Information about the Notakey Authentication Appliance.

Version: 5.0.82
Authenticator Mobile

Authenticator Mobile Application

Information about the Notakey Authenticator Mobile application.

3rd-party integrations, API manual

3rd-party integration

Information about the API provided by Notakey Authentication Server and integration examples.

Version: 5.0.6
Windows Credential Provider

Windows Credential Provider

Information about the Windows credential provider.

Version: 1.2.61
Notakey Authentication Proxy User Manual

Authentication Proxy

Information about the Notakey Authentication Proxy. Seamlessly integrate Notakey Authentication Server with RADIUS clients (e.g. VPN concentrators).

Version: 1.0.8
Notakey AD FS MFA Plugin User Manual

AD FS MFA Plugin

Information about the Notakey AD FS MFA Plugin. Enhance Microsoft AD FS security with Notakey Mobile client authentication.

Version: 1.1.66

Developer Documentation

Mobile Client Development SDK (Xamarin)

Mobile Client SDK (Xamarin)

Develop your own Notakey Authentication Server client, using the Xamarin cross-platform toolset.

Manual NuGet
Notakey Consumer API SDK for C#

Consumer API SDK for C#

SDK for wrapping Notakey authorization request API. Meant for integrating Notakey multi-factor security in your custom C# application.

Manual Changelog Example Application NuGet